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This meetup is designed to link you with a team of skilled coaches and healers to provide strategies to help you to increase your happiness and achieve your goals. With over a decade of clinical experience, we can help you to dispel the myths associated with happiness and guide you towards developing the basic skills to conquer the roadblocks that are blocking you from achieving your dreams. Through research and healing work in the community, we have identified misconceptions, bad habits, and missing skill sets that tend to block our natural ability to experience deeper joy and feeling of empowered in the world. Join this powerful network of strivers who will not settle for mediocre, who want to be all that they can be.
Those who wish to achieve even more powerful benefits may choose to go onto experiencing individual work where we can provide coaching and/or various forms of counseling tailored to your unique needs to help you to achieve your full potential.

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Happiness and Achieving Your Goals: Presentation/Meet and greet


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