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Welcome to the Acoustic Music Community!

We are a supportive community of musicians living all over the greater Denver/Boulder area, who meet regularly for a variety of music-centered activities including song circles, jams, performances, musical pot-lucks, song-writing sessions, and instructional groups. Events are held in numerous locations around Denver & Boulder, including private homes, churches and local businesses. Members are encouraged to host their own events, or suggest new events.

We encourage you to RSVP and attend an upcoming event, to develop and share your skills, play/sing/jam with other musicians, make new friends, and learn new songs. All levels of musicians are welcome, from beginner to professional, as are all types of musicians, including guitarists, singers, percussionists, fiddlers, bassists, and pianists. Many types of music are played from bluegrass to rock, and members can post chord and lyric sheets for songs under http://www.meetup.com/Acoustic-Music-Commun... [MORE --> FILES] to share with other members.

Member dues of $5 a year are requested, to help pay website fees, buy basic sound equipment for our group’s performances, and have at least one really great party/jam/hootenanny a year. Most events are free to attend, but some may have an associated cost, particularly instructional events and some performances. We also ask that you support the local businesses that host our events by purchasing food & drinks if applicable.

The goals of this group are to:
• Make friends around our shared love of music
• Improve our musical skills
• Improve our self-confidence
• Encourage each other to reach our musical goals
• Develop an appreciation for various genres including traditional and contemporary blues, folk, rock, pop, country, jazz, bluegrass and world music.
• Provide information about the local music scene where members can perform and enjoy listening to others.

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Special Virtual Concert Laurie D

Online event

Mary Speegle, of Connecting on the Net, where she has a great blog, is hosting Laurie D for a special zoom event. I'll be playing originals (new ones too!) and some covers. Hope to see you in zoom land! Please MUST register here: https://connectingonthenet.com Upon registration you will receive soon link. Check out Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/events/2438100276486368 https://connectingonthenet.com

Saturday Jam is back! New Location.

Broomfield Eagles Club

We're back. (Mostly) Going to try a new location, with a bit more space so we can expand a little. Broomfield Eagles Club is right near where we were, just down the way a little. (See map) We'll have a limit of 15 for a while until things settle down, and the usual precautions will apply. Bring your guitar or other instrument of choice and/or your singing voice for a laid-back jam session. We'll go around the room and let each person choose a song for the group. We plan to use a projector to display lyrics and chords from the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app. Please come prepared with a handful of songs to suggest - rock, pop, country, folk, blues, jazz, gospel, etc. You may want to check out Ultimate Guitar Tabs ahead of time to make sure the song you want is available and to identify the best version.

Showcase a few Songwriters
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

If you have a contest and would like to showcase three or 4 winners, we'll host a showcase at our store on the stage we do our regular Saturday afternoon concerts. Shawn

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Saturday Jam is back!

Monkton Guitars

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