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What is the Purpose of this Meetup?

Political discussion has become increasingly more polarized. Our social media, news, and other information sources are becoming more and more insulated from each other. We often feel like we live in an entirely different world than the people that are voting differently than us. We need to get together and actually talk!

The purpose of this group is to attempt to discard debate and embrace collaborative dialogue in order to communicate past our political and ideological differences. We’re all in this together.

Who is Welcome?

All are welcome, but consider this a special invitation to anyone identifying as conservative (this is Seattle after all). I'm hopeful that this group will be a safe place for people of all political inclinations to come and share their perspectives in a productive way.

How will these Meetings be Run?
Each meeting we will have a politically relevant topic to discuss and we will each have opportunity to share our perspectives and ask questions of each other. To start, I will lead the discussion to ensure everyone has a chance to participate, but if there is interest we can rotate moderators each meeting. After a few meetings, I’m very open to changing any aspect of the group structure to better meet our needs. Feedback is strongly encouraged!

Here is our Framework for Authentic Dialogue:

• Participants will listen with a sense of curiosity.

• Participants will ask questions to uncover the underlying assumptions and beliefs behind someone's statements.

• Participants will be willing to communicate their thoughts openly and honestly while putting aside emotions, defensiveness, and a desire to be right.

• Participants will approach someone who sees a problem differently not as an adversary, but as a colleague in common pursuit of better solutions. I expect this to be rewarding and fun, but I also expect this to be challenging and tiring. We will do our best to treat each other with kindness, and bring our best selves to talk and learn.

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