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All the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players...
Act One Beginners is a new drop-in style acting workshop based in Edinburgh. There are no sign up fees, no commitments other than you come along whenever you can, learn basic acting/performance skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere, and pay a small fee on the evening.
The classes are specifically designed for the beginning/amateur actor, and will teach you the fundamentals of the craft.
The main ingredients of the workshops are: Vocal and physical warm ups
Theatre games
Creating scenes through improvisation
Working from scripted scenes

All exercises are group based. No one is ever singled out and made to perform before the rest of the group - I know how daunting this can be for anyone new to this environment.
The workshop highlights fun and interesting ways to make performance more natural and spontaneous. No experience is necessary. A great start for the beginning actor.
The workshops are designed to benefit in: A passion for acting
Building self-confidence
Personal achievement
A stepping stone to a NC level Acting and Performance course

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