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" All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players and one man in his time plays many parts." This is a group for anyone who "Acts" in his/her everyday life. It is a group about people who are courageous enough to explore new ways of expressing themselves, new ways of communication and connection. It is a group about people who want to shape their future instead of just reacting to it. I create this group because I love theatre and Acting and I believe that Art can open doors we did not even know existed. Enough Coaching! More ACTING!


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We all play roles in our every day lives.

The moment you see Life as a movie you Write, Direct and Star in, everything becomes Easy and Joyful!

Enough Coaching...

More Acting!


Your personal impact

Your public speaking skills

Your interviewing skills

Your performance in the context of team work

Your learning of being more active, spontaneous and flexible

Your creative thinking, imagination and originality

Overcome obstacles and fears.

Create your future, instead of just reacting to it!

The Art of Communication is the Language of Success!

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