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I want to start a Meetup where we read and act the book Endgame. The characters are inspiringly real and so layered! It takes place in a beautiful small town, full of impactful characters with of all ages, both male and female, with very good lines.

I sincerely believe that this book is a great way to start dabbling in acting. I wanted to start with something that hasn't been done in theater or movie yet. I don't think any of us have read the book, so we will all be equal footing. I myself read it just once, on my bus rides to work and back. I was amazed how well the characters and the scenes are described that you feel the mediterranean sunshine, hear the characters, understand them, understand how their mind works. And not just the main characters, but support characters too. Even the secondary support characters are crystal clear and have some of the best lines. But most importantly, there are opportunities to develop our acting muscles as far as we want to take them. There are monologs and dialogs over instant messaging where we hear the characters, but don't see them. There are scenes that we don't witness, but know exactly what's going on. These are perfect opportunities to develop voice acting and improv skills.

I am indexing characters, their characteristics and scenes so that we will have a quick start. But you will need to buy your own copy to be able to practice lines. (please buy from a bookstore, not Amazon) I want to meet biweekly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, for at least two hours. I'll try to arrange somewhere in Capitol Hill, Downtown or Pioneer Square, but I'm open to suggestions.

Please send me your email address so that we can share documents and notes.

Please check discussions and emails from this Meetup.

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