Public Speaker Training Forum


Every week on Sunday until November 16, 2019

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In our virtual world of the internet where social media platforms replace real-life interactions, the ability for direct personal communications is becoming a lost skill. However, although the art of talking and presenting oneself without the use of a smartphone may be seem as a lesser priority to many of the tech savvy younger generations; the reality is that such abilities to communicate clearly and concisely is as important as it ever was. Whether it’s going for a job interview, presenting a school project, or even overcoming the nerves of a blind date; having the talents to articulate smoothly and project confidence are essential to maximize desirable outcomes.

Art Oasis is a serene private sanctuary located in the heart of Manhattan Chinatown, conveniently accessible by public transportation from New York and New Jersey. Owner is a local award-winning entrepreneur Maggie Law, with her team of professional instructors and trainers. Chief instructor for the public speaking classes will be Dr. Leong Ying, with many years as a professional host and public speaker. He has been interviewed on national television, including BBC (UK), NTA (Nigeria) and Sinovision (China); hosted many public forums at United Nations conferences, charitable fundraising events, and the performing arts. Examples of his roles as an invited international Speaker, includes taking center stage at Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania) for Innovate China conference, Call to World Peace (Istanbul) to a public audience of over 2,000 from 37 nations, and at multiple educational institutes around the world.

This training forum is ideal for all ages and confidence levels. The classes will teach techniques on posture, voice projections, how to tackle nerves, preparation methods; and students will also get to appear on-camera (please bring your own USB memory sticks if you want copies of your recordings).

Schedule: Sunday
2:00pm to 3:00pm

Location: Art Oasis
191 Canal Street
Suite 603
New York
NY 10013


Study fees: $25 per hourly group sessions
Lessons: On-Camera, Voice, Posture