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What better chance to meet an interesting person by presenting yourself as a creative personality, and not as a MERE single? What higher probability to find your true attraction while he/she is creating art, and not just trying to impress you?

Our Acting for Singles Meetup offers you the advantage of this brand-new approach to matching like-minded individuals. We don’t aim at providing you with a date. Our goal is to let you find a community. Dating leads to a relationship only when it’s a natural aftermath of interest-sharing.

If you are into acting, and you’re single, join our SINGLES’ ACTING CLASS. Bring your vigor, your artistry, your freedom, and enjoy the spontaneous, non-binding encounters within our group. You’ll find a new solution to your love-life while devoting yourself to an exciting and refreshing activity!

Our classes will be announced soon. They’ll be part of a well-known LA acting studio. Your membership will ensure the jump-start of this group.

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