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Action Design Chicago is a group of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, economists and others who are passionate about helping people create positive change in their lives. We sit at the intersection of technology (UI / UX, data science), psychology (behavioral economics, positive psychology), and advocacy, and we focus on exposing our members to cutting edge tools, research, and practitioners in each of these areas so they can apply the latest learning in action design in their respective fields. Whether the goal is to help people save more money, get in shape, cut down on electricity usage, or learn a new language, the idea is the same: how can we use research in behavioral economics and psychology to help users build habits and change their daily behavior? Each month, we'll have a new behavioral researcher or practitioner share the work they're doing.

We’re part of a network of Action Design groups all around the US as well as in Canada and the UK with over 10,000 members and counting. Learn more at http://www.action-design.org/about/ .

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How to Use Experimentation to Improve Behavioral Science Applications

Join us for a presentation from Rachelle Martino of BehavioralSight about how to use experimentation to improve the application of behavioral economics principles. This talk will help you: - understand the benefits of doing rigorous testing - identify when it does and doesn’t make sense to test - learn the core steps of planning, powering, running, and analyzing an experiment - take some of the scaries out of statistics - learn from and laugh at some of the many many foibles that accompany this work Most of us fall into one of two camps: either we rely on a data science team to run the numbers and have to blindly trust their results or we have no technical folks to lean on and it’s entirely up to us to plan, run, and analyze a test—a daunting task, even if you’re only changing an email subject header. Rachelle’s talk is for anyone who enjoys applied behavioral economics (or perhaps uses principles in their day-to-day work), and wants to take the learning further by gaining the know-how or resources to run an experiment. SCHEDULE 6:30 PM - 7 PM: Networking 7 PM - 8 PM: Presentation & discussion INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION - All guests must bring legal ID. - If your Meetup username isn't your full name, please message it to one of the co-organizers. Our sponsor needs your full name to check you in. ABOUT OUR SPEAKER Rachelle is a Principal at BehavioralSight where she focuses on applied behavioral science research design and measurement. She also works as a Teaching Assistant for The University of Chicago Booth School of Business’ “Choice Architecture in Practice” course (alongside professors Richard Thaler and Linnea Gandhi) and supports students as they work with corporate clients to apply insights from psychology and the methodology of experimentation. Prior to joining BehavioralSight, she led initiatives to develop partnerships with physician groups and rigorously quantify patient impact for Outcome Health. She also has several years of experience consulting in behavioral economics for TGG Group and in general management at Deloitte Consulting. ABOUT OUR SPONSOR Special thanks to our host, Arity: "There’s value in knowing what happens next. At Arity, we’re pushing the boundaries of predictive analytics, leveraging Allstate data and modeling expertise to help you evaluate driving risk and make smarter decisions in real time. It’s how we’re revolutionizing transportation—and that’s just the start."

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