What we're about

Action Design is the art and science of designing products and services that help people take action in their lives or build good habits.

We sit at the intersection of technology (UI/UX) and behavioral science, and we focus on exposing our members to the latest academic research and tools they can apply to whatever they’re building. Examples:

• How might we write emails to get more to reply or take action?
• How might we design a payment notice so more pay on time?
• How might we map out customer service so more show up on-time for their appointments?
• How might we build a user interface to get more to save for retirement?
• How might we nudge our kids to eat more vegetables?!

Each monthly meetup will feature an innovator sharing the work they're doing that leverages insights from behavioral science for improved outcomes. We’re going for focused, very practical meetings – start to finish only 60-90 minutes – beginning at 5:30pm.

Membership and events are free, but space is very limited. Join this meetup now (https://www.meetup.com/Action-Design-Honolulu/join/), so you’ll be the first to know about the next event.

Christopher Daggett
Action Design Network (http://www.action-design.org), Board
Action Design Honolulu (http://www.meetup.com/Action-Design-Honolulu), Organizer

PS: for an intro to behavioral science and how it can be applied to everyday life, check out these talks:



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