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Action Design St. Louis is a group of behavioral scientists, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers and others who are passionate about helping people create positive change in their lives.

We sit at the intersection of technology (UI / UX, data science), psychology (behavioral economics, positive psychology), and advocacy, and we focus on presenting our members with cutting-edge tools, research, and practitioners in each of these areas so they can apply the latest in behavioral science to their respective fields. Whether the goal is to help people save more money, get in shape, cut down on electricity usage, or learn a new language, the idea is the same: how can we use research in behavioral science to help people build habits and change their behavior?

Each meetup will feature an innovator sharing the work they're doing that leverages insights from behavioral science for improved outcomes. We’re going for focused, very practical meetings – start to finish only 60-90 minutes

And we’re part of a network of Action Design groups all around North America with over 15,000 members and counting. Learn more at http://www.action-design.org/about/

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Behavioral Science Office Hours

The Venture Cafe Gathering @4240

Everyone from startups to governments are excited about behavioral science! Behavioral science is psychology, sociology, economics, and other social sciences combined with rigorous application of the scientific method. It's used in product design as well as public policy and to help improve outcomes and people meet their goals. Meet with Zarak Khan, Action Design STL organizer, to discuss your project and if it might benefit from the application of behavioral science. Will require reserving a time via: https://zarak.youcanbook.me

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