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What's wrong? Where do we go from here?
We now have 200 members. Obviously the idea of joining Actions for Change is very popular. However, we've invited members to 35 action events over the past year or so. We've never had more than 3 members attend any of these events. Obviously we are not hosting events that our members are interested in. Which begs the question, 'Why continue?' Please click on Past Meetups on the left and review what we've been offering. Then please comment with, 'Why do these Meetups not interest you?' 'Why do you not come to our Meetups?' What would inspire you to come to our Meetups?' Thanks, Charles

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What we're about

Many of us feel deep concern at the growing poverty, the degradation of our environment and the systematic way governments around the world, our own included are undermining the basic rights of the majority in favour of the privilege of the few.

Some of us are acting and need added support and people power to become more effective. Many of us want to act but don't know where to begin.

Lets gather together, share information and ideas, encourage and support each other to help create a society that puts sharing, justice and freedom at the top of the political and economic agenda.

This group is for people prepared to commit to taking action. It can be as simple as writing one letter a week to a politician or jounalist or raising awareness of issues affecting all of us with your family and friends. It could be supporting on-going initiatives.

I look forward to meeting all 'change agents'. Please bring along your expertize and your willingness to learn if you feel ignorant. Lets make the world and better place for all of us!

Each one of us has something to offer.

Every one of us is needed.

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