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Anahata Codes Meetup @ Cherokee Park
Join me every Tuesday! Here's a message from Cherokee Park, the park that we'll meet at. Join me at Cherokee Park in Englewood, FL (

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We are One. It is merely the illusion of separation which keeps us cycling fear and pain. Join me every Tuesday beginning Dec. 5th as I teach you how to Activate Assisting Frequencies for holistic health and evolutionary support by remembering your connection to the Whole and pulling through anything you need or desire. Using the Divine Intelligence of anything ever defined, we can remember our wholeness by tapping into that which is already at the frequency we require to bring us back into balance or evolve our DNA. Check out the free 21-day digital transformation on my Facebook Feed to get a "taste" for what we'll be doing at this meetup. Visit this page and search #reallysphere:

The entire Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine (The Anahata Codes) are free for all at I was blessed to receive a powerful Divine Download in April of 2015 and have been teaching the wisdom ever since. With thousands of people using the Anahata Codes, 13 Certified Anahata Code Practitioners, and over 50 in training, the Anahata Codes are quickly expanding Globally. Originally from Colorado, I just moved to Englewood as I was told to "heal the waters". I am calling forth a network of Light BEings to help me seed the waters and other elemental flow with assistance during our Ascension. I will also be working with our tribe on Grid Alchemy as we Ley Lines for Love!

I'm so excited to meet you! Those that hear the calling (or even if you're just curious) are encouraged to join us Tuesdays at Cherokee Park. Parking is available at the corner of Green & Orange (gotta love that medicine!).

You are here. You are loved, and you are an exquisite part of the whole, always. Looking forward to remembering with you as we birth the new world!


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