What we're about

Meet fellow Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) members and learn more about investing in real estate.

Learn particular tips and tricks for maximizing your VA loan benefits to include buying a multifamily property with your VA loan.

Who is Active Duty Passive Income For?

Those who love the military and everything it has provided for them.

Those who do not want to be scrambling financially when the day comes to transition back into the civilian world.

Those who want to learn how to invest in Real Estate while still keeping their military job as their priority.

Those who want to learn about the best turnkey real estate investing opportunities.

Those who are sick of “get rich quick schemes,” and truly want to learn to grow their wealth and start investing while in the Military the REAL way.

Those who need a good resource, community, and a step by step checklist guide for where to start and how to move forward with Real Estate Investing.

Those who want to achieve financial freedom through PASSIVE INCOME by investing in real estate.

Those who want to learn from a community of like-minded military active duty, veterans, retired, and their spouses.

Those who want to establish their own financial strategy by building confidence through real estate education.

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