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Single ACTIVE MEMBERS OVER 40 NEEDED 4 THIS Group.please don't join my group unless you plan 2 be ACTIVE.If you join my group and you dont make a effort 2 come to 2 meet ups a month you will be removed from the group.I know I sound harsh but I cant run a meet up group with out active members.Looking for extroverts and night owls 2 join my group.2 the people who don't like staying out late I will plan day time events 2.Events will be going out 4 coffee and going out eat at places like Panera and Elevation burger we will have ladies day out where we get our nails done and go 4 walks around this beauitful lake near my house.night time events will be movies and dinner bowling and concerts at the State theater. This is a budget friendly meet up and we will only have meet ups in Falls church.I dont drink myself and I don't host bar meet ups however if we go 2 a place that serves beer and wine please feel free 2 drink but please be careful.I want everyone in my group 2 feel safe and welcome and comfortable.

I am Jennifer.I am a single female over 40 years old.I have a really cute Jack Russell and hes my best friend.I hope that animal lovers will join my group.I want 2 welcome everyone over the age of 40 to join my group.You are welcome if you are a stay at home mom if you are retired if you are working or not working.I dont make a habbit out of judgeing someone cause of what they do for a living.I worked at Safeway a long time but right now I cant work cause I am having some personal medical issues.

I started this group cause I notice the older I get the harder it is 2 make friends and this is just my personal oppion I think its very hard 2 meet people in Northern Va so I started this group cause I am eager 2 make some new friends.This is a open minded and honest meet up group for women and men over 40 who can be very ACTIVE in the group.Events will take place on Friday Saturday and Sundays.I know people are busy and they cant come 2 every event I schedule but if you are going 2 join please commit 2 meet ups a month and I don't think asking everyone 2 commit to 2 meet ups a month is unfair.
Also all Planet fitness members are welcome.I have a work out buddy already whos great but I would love 2 meet more work out buddies.

Past events (9)

Ladies day out nails first and then Starbucks

Diva Nails Spa & Beauty Academy

Plaka 4 dinner

Falls Plaza

Bowling at falls church bowl america

Bowl America Falls Church