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Wednesday pre-July 4th RUn @ Memorial @ 7 P.M.

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Since many members have the 4th off, please join us on our weekly Wednesday series for a change. Those members participating in the Run Wild July 4th 5k run on our calendar can squeeze in a quick 'warm-down' run to get your legs loose for the run on the 4th. Incidentally, it is not too late to register for the July 4th A.M. run. Give it a shot!!!

Our weekly Wednesday Memorial run series features joggers/runners at different paces. We scamper upon the crushed gravel exercise trial on the Northern part of Memorial Park (circumference 2.9 miles). The park has several water fountains, and can also accommodate dogs and strollers. During the winter months, the overhead lighting provides better vision and security. For the summer months, a large portion of the trail is covered with a tree canopy that reduces sunlight heat. Memorial Park has the largest census of runners in the Houston area.

We run as a combined Meetup with IceHouse Runners on Wednesdays. By merging the groups, it increases the probability that a runner will pair up with a fellow runner at his/her pace. During the colder winter and hotter summer days when our census is typically lower, this is especially relevant. Currently, we have a couple runners running at 6 minute per mile pace; several runners running in the 7-8 minute per mile range; and many runners running at a 9-10 minute per mile pace. To our chagrin, some runners do not RSVP on the website consistently, so we tend to have at least 20 runners as a combined Meetup on Wednesdays.

Please plan wisely for the sparse parking at Memorial Park during the peak spring and autumn months because we launch our run promptly at 7:05 P.M. We run counterclockwise with respect to the stretch deck on Wednesdays, so if you arrive late, then run clockwise, and we will “high five” you as you pass by.

Unless, we have announced alternate plans, our normal post-run gathering occurs at Canyon Creek which is extremely close to the park. This restaurant attracts many Memorial Park runners, so don’t worry about your sweaty apparel. Address of Canyon Creek: 6603 Westcott St Houston, TX 77007.

We will meet at the Stretch Deck of Memorial Park at 7 P.M. shown in picture below after the run.

The stretch deck shown below is located close to the Tennis Courts of Memorial. Both groups will be standing at the corner of the stretch deck at 7 P.M.

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