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The quickest way to relax and experience a peaceful meditative state of pure consciousness in today's world is through Active Meditation. Many people find Active Meditations easier and more enjoyable to practice because they help to quickly release accumulated stress from the body and mind, and allow even the busiest minds to experience silent gaps of inner peace with much less effort.


Active Meditations are based on the understanding that contemporary people cannot just sit down and become quiet and silent in the same way that people in the times of Buddha could do. Now life moves at a much faster pace, which creates more stress and tension. Just to sit in silent meditation is not so easy.

What are Osho Active Meditations?

Osho Active Meditations are a 21st-century approach to taking care of both the outer and the inner you. Each meditation starts with physical activity such as shaking, dancing or humming, and then proceeds through different steps into relaxation and stillness. This is when meditation can happen—a time to just be aware of your body sensations, thoughts, and feelings in a self-accepting way, without judgment.

Who are they for?

Osho Active Meditations are specially designed for people who want to bring a new quality of well being to their busy, pressured lives—for men and women who not only care about their bodies and their health, but who also want to feel at ease inside. Osho Active Meditations are for people who want to become more open and flexible, without being controlled by their tensions, worries, or the opinions of others.

How do they work?

Accumulated tensions in the body and mind block the natural flow of our energy. This affects our ability to think clearly, and the way in which we relate to others. Osho Active Meditations draw on a deep understanding of the relationship between the physical and the spiritual dimensions to dissolve these blocks and allow us to become more natural and at ease with ourselves. Each technique is accompanied by special music created to guide the participant through its different stages.

The Meditation Program:

Krisana Locke & Ali von Stein (Directors and Experienced Teacher Trainers) The meditation teachers share with you practical, step-by-step guidance to a wide variety of meditation techniques traditional & contemporary, including the unique OSHO Active Meditations. They also support participants in courses with invaluable suggestions and insights into common problems encountered by meditators, whether they are beginners or have been practicing for a long time. Exploring the joy of meditation and conscious living.


All Levels Welcome

Please arrive 10 -15 minutes before for instructions to the meditations :)

There are regular 60 minute meditation classes,

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Courses (need registration to participate)

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7 Day, 1 hour daily, 07:00-08:00
14 Day, 1 hour daily
21 day, 1 hour daily, 07:00-08:00

Contact: info@oshomeditationstudio.com

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7 evenings Meditation & Guided Hypnosis process for self-healing deep relaxation

We would like to invite you to join us for our Zoom Online 1 hour "Live" guided sessions, every late afternoon for 7 days. When: Monday the 23rd until Sunday the 29th of November. _____ What time: 18:00 - 19:00 (Central European Time - CET) _____ Cost: € 80 _____ Location: Online "Live" via ZOOM _____ To Register: Registration and online payment is required in advance. To apply and to register please send an email to: [masked]. Registration CLOSES on: “Friday, 20 November 2020” _____________________________________ A relaxation and guided hypnosis meditation process that helps people learn to use the body-mind connection to support their health and well being. In this process for seven consecutive sessions of one hour each we will self inquire through deep relaxation with respect and love into what our body and mind really need. Krisana will facilitate this guided healing process - communicating with our unconscious. She will address the relationship and gives insights between the conscious and unconscious layers of the mind and their influence on the body and our well being. It is offered as a seven day series of one-hour sessions. You are invited during this guided relaxation to lie down or sit comfortably to fully receive this guided process. During this 7 Day process: - You will learn how to communicate with your mind and body at a very deep level. - You will recognize how mind and feelings are expressed through your body. - You will be able to find your own Answers by helping you recognize and respect the wisdom of your own conscious and unconscious mind and the body - mind connection. It is an opportunity to activate your own self-healing powers and to give yourself the gift of a one hour daily deep relaxation. About: Tantric Energetics supports individuals to regain their own self-empowerment and self-healing, by aligning oneself with integrity, will and the cultivation of awareness. Through our Platform for Transformation, we share knowledge and experience in a unique approach, grounded scientifically and supported with meditations, coaching, consultancy, therapeutic processes and experiential “group process” work. For more information: www.tantric-energetics.com

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