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Yoga and OSHO Nataraj Meditation

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Osho Studio

Schlesische str. 38, 10997 Kreuzberg · Berlin

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Walk through driveway to 2nd courtyard, door on right. (ring Doorbell Osho Studio), 1st floor

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Join us to mix the structure of Yoga with the fluidity of OSHO active meditations on this special evening, joint-hosted by Ali and Anya.

We'll begin with an energising, opening hour of Yoga in English to ground the energy and breathe fully, and move into a free, open, fun dance meditation. Nataraj is the energy of dance. This is dance as a total meditation, where all inner division disappears and a subtle, relaxed awareness remains.

The meditation has three stages, lasting a total of 65 minutes.

First Stage: 40 minutes dancing, Second stage: Lying Down 20 minutes, Third Stage: 5 minutes of soft breathing out music to come back here

When you do this dancing meditation, you release a tremendous amount of tension, and creative insights arise. Tension is simply trapped energy. The wild and free movement of the dance is a great way to set this energy free and get it moving. Feeling free in your body allows your mind to expand, your heart to open, and your spirit to soar. Then, when you lie still immediately after dancing, your gross level of activity—the body—is stopped, and the energy you have released travels inward to the subtler layers of your being. This technique allows the dynamism of the dance to move to your roots, to the very core of your being, liberating great feelings of joy and positivity.
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Cost: €15 with Tea & Cookies