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Are you an active person based in Brussels/Leuven or vicinity (or anywhere else but distance is not a problem for you) and you would like to go outdoors and meet new people? Then our Active Outdoor Belgium group might be just what you were looking for :-)


Outdoor: the main focus of this meetup is on outdoor events and activities such as hiking, multi-day hiking trips, camping trips, kayaking, bouldering, climbing, and trail running. We may try our hands on other sports but the focus will be on the above. Most of our activities will take place in Belgium, but on occasions we might organize trips to nearby countries or even further away.

Active: we will focus on activities with a strong fitness component. This means that our hikes will not be a stroll in the park. We will typically target longer hikes with a higher pace over some nice rolling hills. The main target of this group are active folks with good physical condition and previous hiking experience.

Social: We aim to be a social group, and build a community for outdoor-minded people. On our events we aim for a group size of 8-16. We believe that this group size gives the best experience to all participants, including the organizer. We also are a platform in which members can propose their own events. So if you have some ideas for events, please contact the organizers.


You are not automatically enrolled in our group. If you are interested in joining, please submit your request. It is important that you fill in correctly your profile, and have a (recognizable) picture of you and answering all questions as completely as possible. If you therefore need a different profile photo for this meetup as for the other meetups, please first email the organizer (Arjen). And don’t worry, since this group is set to private, your specific profile picture in this meetup group can only be seen from within the group.

The questions helps us to get to know you. It is particularly important that you properly fill in previous hiking experiences. Only new members with complete profiles and previous hiking or outdoor experience will be accepted!


The no shows are always a problem and a lack of respect for the organizer and for the other participants. If you RSVP to an event we expect you to come. Otherwise please cancel well ahead of time (at least two days in advance) to allow someone else to join. Last-minute cancellations without good reason can be considered as no shows. People with no shows might be blocked for following hikes and/or banned from the group.


You need to know your own capabilities and choose to participate in an activity accordingly. Ultimately, members are responsible for their own experience, safety, and decision-making. The organizer(s), which are volunteers, cannot be held responsible in case of (unexpected) additional costs, loss of property, accident or injury. When you join this group, you agree with the above.

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