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The group is open for lovers of active leisure and adventure in nature at any time of the year.

Ideas outdoor activities

There are really a lot of ideas, and every day there are more and more of them. This group was created to gather a company of friends with similar hobbies. After all, much nicer to spend time with benefits in a pleasant company. To make it easier for you to choose the most interesting activity, we have prepared a list of interesting ideas for recreation. It remains only to organize a trip and a date. If anyone has new ideas for outdoor activities, write, I will add you as the organizer of this group.

The most popular types of outdoor activities

Surfing, hiking, camping, ice skating, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, cycling, tourism, paintball, climbing wall, parachuting, diving, rafting, curling, quad biking, snowmobile rides, speleotourism, wind tunnel, safari, flying balloon, quest, archery, golf, tennis, outdoormoveas, volleyball, ride a horse, sail, skate, jump and more

Active rest - what is it?

Active rest is a type of rest, in which a person can lose a load of accumulated fatigue with the help of physical exercises. Many may say that even without active rest they get tired at work, and it is easier and more pleasant for them to spend time at home doing their favorite thing. Scientists have long proved that with active rest, a person regains his strength many times faster and all systems begin to work without interruption. An active lifestyle is movement, and movement is life.

Activities - the pros

-Active lifestyle prolongs life
- Active people are happier.
- Active life affects the brain.
- Active lifestyle allows you to look better and feel better
- An active lifestyle provides more benefits than periodic workouts in the gym.
- Active lifestyle as a disease prevention.
- An active lifestyle is the preservation of your youth and health.
-Active outdoor recreation is one of the most useful and enjoyable, and he has much more advantages.
-Active recreation and sports, above all, contribute to the release of hormone, which is so important for our body, - adrenaline. It has the strongest fat burning property, which allows the body to lose weight.
- Diversity. There are a lot of kinds of recreation, and it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, there is always the opportunity to choose what you like. If your goal is to get a big dose of adrenaline, engage in extreme sports.

Cons of outdoor activities

The main, and perhaps the only disadvantage is undeniable - the dangers of active recreation. Being engaged in physical activity there is always a risk of injury, especially during an active winter holiday, but if you take precautions and do not overdo it, you can do without disastrous consequences, having received only a good mood and energy for a long time.

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