What we're about

Join the global fight against what many seem to think are benign beliefs around mind body healing and save lives threatened by it - especially those based on pseudoscience.

I would like doctors, scientists, influencers, public speakers, video editors, SEO specialists, content creators, artists, meme creators, philosophers and all freethinkers to join the fight.

These people benefit from lovely people leaving organised religion and looking for answers or sick people desperate for help. They need an active community to fight against this misinformation. Our interlocutors are organized and very good at sanitising the web of a proper discourse.

Conspiracy theorists are not welcome but those that would like to see good evidence against these ideas are. We will always act with good will, be respectful of others as human beings, never bully or threaten and always stay within the law - we do not belittle people's beliefs, we only provide verifiable evidence to the contrary.

Please join this kind and loving group who believe reason is losing the battle in recent years.

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