What we're about

The intention of this group is to provide an opportunity for caring people to explore serious life questions together with other caring and concerned human beings. Questions which actually address the real life issues that directly impact our everyday lives.

It's also an opportunity to explore together relatively free of any personal judgment. It's not a debate or argument with winners & losers. It's an exploration, together, in affection where learning together is a win-win for everyone in the group. An exploration into the possibility of co-existing in a more sane, healthy, and sustainable manner.

It's not about competing abstract philosophical views. It's about exploring what's actually occurring in our daily lives and relationships.

It's about exploring our creative potential rather than repeating unhealthy patterns which are clearly not working in our lives. An open exploration of the actuality of life. Not according to any so-called "authority," or second-hand opinions.

If you are interested in exploring the creative possibilities of co-existing in a wiser and more caring manner with other caring human beings, please consider joining us.

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The Actuality of Interconnectedness

Rebecca's Place

The Ending of Sorrow

Rebecca's Place

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