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What we're about

This group serves and supports Chinese Medicine Practitioners with designing amazing lives!

What is your heartfelt desire for your practice? Do you want more time, money or influence over your patients? Your goals will drive the content and actions of this group!

The three main objectives which our group will be focused on are:

1.) Serving and supporting each other; Sharing our background, knowledge and experiences with each other to bridge the gaps between the different types of modalities such as 5E, TCM and others (discussions may grow into a Podcast)

2.) Collaborating on how we can enhance and improve our treatment skills, speaking skills, listening skills (speakers, and presentations will be scheduled)

3.) Discussing ways to demystify Chinese Medicine in people's minds and hearts in America for the purpose of expanding Chinese Medicine's use in general

In the process we are aiming to have fun, enjoying the moment and deliberately co-create amazing lives as healers and light-workers!

Past events (3)

Acupuncturists Exploring Blood-letting: Guest Host Seth Shamon

Camden Washingtonian Apartments

Sacred Commerce: Making Herbs Work for Us!

10210 Washingtonian Blvd

Summer Potluck (Acupuncturists chat and connect)

10210 Washingtonian Blvd

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