Experience Required: How to become a UX leader... by Robert Hoekman Jr

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From the book: "Designers are not people who make things pretty. They are people who plan. Designs are not lines and colors and pixels. They are plans with an intended effect. Designers are thinkers. Designs are their thoughts."

Let's discuss "Experience Required" and chat about the soft skills it takes to become a leader in an organization. According to reviews, this book is a sobering restatement of what design is "really" about, and goes into detail about the truths and realities you'll deal with as a design practitioner.

This book is written so that non-designers can also benefit greatly from reading. It clarifies the problem of job titles, sorts through the myths of the design process (so important to understand for management roles), digs into the art of mastering question-asking, then touches on the softer skills of leadership: communication, influencing, and the value of continuous learning.