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What we’re about

The Adelaide Men's Group has been meeting on a monthly basis for more than 10 years.

The purpose of the Adelaide Men’s Group is to build meaningful community and authentic connections with other Men. By participating in the meetings you are able to:

• increase connection <br>• be listened to and genuinely heard <br>• feel safe sharing feelings and perspectives <br>• speak honestly, openly and confidentially without judgement <br>• develop authentic friendships that are not based on your job, the car you drive or the sporting team you follow!

A core function of Adelaide Men's Group meetings is the Talking Circle.

By participating in monthly meetings and the Talking Circle in particular you agree that:

• to the best of your ability, you will speak 'from the heart' and share how you are feeling. <br>• whoever holds the 'talking stick', holds the floor and everyone else listens. <br>• you can pass along the 'talking stick' without having to speak in the Talking Circle. <br>• anything discussed at Adelaide Men's Group meetings remains completely confidential. <br>• you will not give immediate feedback to a person speaking in the Talking Circle. (Our experience over many years tells us that providing immediate feedback can be a barrier to free, authentic and ongoing sharing as the feedback is often attached to an unconscious ‘judgement’). <br>• we do not seek to solve issues or otherwise ‘fix’ anyone, because we believe you are not ‘broken’. <br>• counselling and/or professional advice is not offered nor provided at Adelaide Men's Group meetings. <br>• feedback from other group members can be sought after the Talking Circle is closed.

Contributions to cover the cost of the Men’s group meeting facilities, supper, website etc, consistent with the sense of value you received from the meeting, are greatly appreciated and can be provided at the end of the ‘Talking Circle’ or at other times.

At the heart of wellness and wellbeing are relationships. If you are seeking to improve on some of your life experiences so far, one perspective to start from could be: ‘For things to change, first I must change’.

We believe it is important for Men to invest in ongoing personal growth to (i) develop self-awareness, take responsibility for our lives and move toward a balanced mature masculinity, and (ii) to be as good as we can be for ourselves and for the people around us.

With that in mind, we encourage men to experience proven impactful personal development programs for men including Man’s Inner Journey ( other programs.