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TypeScript : more than just another JS transpiler AND VS Team Services

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David G.


Two presentations this month! Basarat Ali Syed on TypeScript and more news on VS Team Services (with some give-aways thanks to the VSTS Team in the US)


Types can help you understand and document your code. When was the last time you saw JavaScript documentation that didn’t mention the *types* for function arguments / return values? Why have this information separated from the implementation? Type information is awesome if you think about it: A single type annotation for a function is a theorem and the function body is the proof. And now you can have type annotations for your JavaScript. Introducing TypeScript. It adds Types and brings in ES6/ES7 features. This session will show you why you should use TypeScript today instead of waiting for the next big JavaScript transpiler.

About Basarat

Basarat (@basarat ( is a highly active member of the TypeScript community. Participant in a few OSS GitHub organizations like DefinitelyTyped, TypeStrong, Typings. Creator Atom-TypeScript, grunt-ts and now . Author Beginning NodeJS ( and TypeScript Deep Dive ( Top contributor for the TypeScript tag on StackOverflow (

Visual Studio Team System Update

Following on from Anthony Borton's presentation last month, the Microsoft VSTS are running a big promotion during June and it's great that ADNUG can be a part of this. David will give a short presentation update and also have some free 'swag' to hand out.


5.30pm - Welcome and What's New
5.45pm - TypeScript
6.45pm - Pizzas & Networking
7.15pm - Visual Studio Team Services
7.45pm - Close