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I'm forming this group in hopes of finding other like minded female paddlers who don't mind putting in extra effort to explore some of the more remote waterways. By extra effort i mean perhaps driving down long dirt roads to get to our destination, and/or perhaps carrying or wheeling your canoe or kayak to get on the water... and once on the water you may have to scramble over beaver dams. I'm really into wildlife and birding and putting the extra effort into these remote places can be extremely rewarding!

Most outings will be day trips in the adirondack park though some may be in some of the surrounding areas... and actually of particular interest to me right now is finding someone to do overnight adirondack trips with as i'm not comfortable doing this alone. Generally the trips will be several hours and range from a few miles to probably 10 max- but i'm happy to scale this based on the group. Portages to get to the water I generally try to keep to around 1/2 mile distance all though there are some gems i'd love to paddle that would require more.

Paddlers new to this type of outing are welcome, but I strongly recommend some level of comfort and experience with both paddling and remote back country outings. At the very least you'll need to be physically fit and primed for adventure! This is not everyone's cup of tea which is why I'm forming a group to search for others who share my passion.

It is not a requirement to own an ultralight canoe for these outings, a set of portage wheels and recreational kayak will work fine for many outings. Some outings will have no portages at all.

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SW Adirondack Paddle - location TBD

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Sprague and wakely ponds

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Gooseneck pond

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Henderson Lake

Northway exit 9 park and ride

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