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Parents of Children with ADD/ADHD who want to share their experiences with other parents and exchange ideas & resources to empower their children are welcome! This group is for the families who embrace strengths of their children or teens with ADD/ADHD but at the same time aim to help their children to function better in their school, social and family lives.

You will connect with parents who understand the challenges and needs of their children with ADD/ADHD and eager to support each other! This group will help you discover your child’s day-to-day experiences at home, school and social settings. Yes, every child’s experience is unique, but our educational, monthly meetings can give you valuable new insights into what it’s like to have a child or teen with ADD/ADHD.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I have been helping intercultural families to overcome the difficulties that ADHD brings to their professional, academic, marital, family and social lives. Everyday, I support children, teens and adults who struggle with ADD/ADHD and love teaching them problem solving, emotional regulation, time management and organizational skills in order to cope with ADD/ADHD more effectively. I would love to create a safe space for us so to empower each other by sharing our stories and exchanging tips to increase self awareness and develop resilience...

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