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For those who ran cross country years ago in high school, do you remember how fun, grueling, exciting, and gut-wrenching that was? Do you recall the camaraderie of running as part of a team, even as the race itself (for me at least) felt so lonely. There are tennis leagues for adults, bowling leagues, adult softball league . . even kickball leagues. Why not adult cross country running league?

So, I am in the midst of organizing this for Fall 2014. Why don't you join me in organizing this so that, together, we can be founders of something fun and, over time, maybe something that'll get big.

In organizing this, from the outset, I want to set very, very, very limited expectations. I hope to get enough interest to create no more than four teams of seven people each. Maybe, if this gets started, some day this might be something grand . . . but, from the outset, I just want to start extremely small and limited: four teams meeting over the months of October and November 2014 in the following manner:

Week 1: Team 1 vs. Team 2 / Team 3 vs. Team 4
Week 2: Team 1 vs. Team 3 / Team 2 vs. Team 4
Week 3: Team 1 vs. Team 4 / Team 3 vs. Team 2
Week 4: Championship: 1st place team vs. 2nd place team, a race that include 2 fastest runners from bottom-2 teams, who can vie for individual awards.

In thinking about this, I want to put it out there that each team should be of whatever skill level teams so desire to be. Some teams might consist of great runners -- others might be so, so. It doesn't matter: at this point, this league would be about fun, camaraderie, suiting up as a team in your color-coordinated running sneakers (wow, what a 70s word!) and running togs! So, if people are interested in getting together, co-founding this, and planning this out . . . why not.

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