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Do you know you have ADD/ADHD? Do you deal with signs, symptoms, behaviors of some who deals with issues of procrastination, time management, organization, overwhelm? Are you a high achiever or strive to be a high achiever? We are a like-minded group of people dealing with these issues.

Come join a group of people dedicated and focused on diminishing the limitations of ADD/ADHD and empowering those using their strengths to achieve their goals.

We will meet twice a month and hope to have you join us. Come find out how to use your ADD/ADHD to your ADDvantage.

I am a person living with ADD/ADHD, a Board Certified ADD/ADHD Coach and Mentor. I am also a trained clinical psychotherapist. I bring his years of experience to help people with ADD/ADHD; using a strength-based approach to dealing with and appreciating their ADD/ADHD.

Please join us. We'll have webinars, teleseminars, in person meetings and a warm and friendly environment for like minded people who wish to have an environment to share, learn and grow.

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