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What we’re about

We get it. 

Sometimes, our parents were so self-absorbed that they didn't give us space to grow, to understand our own feelings, or to build relationships.  It's a struggle that can continue in to adulthood -- but there is hope! 

Come and join our community of people who share this experience. You can share your stories. You can ask questions. Or, you can just sit by and listen in -- without feeling obligated to say a word.  

Things we don't say:

• We don't say, "I'm sure they really loved you." - We won't contradict your narratives

• We don't say, "Are you sure it was really that bad?" - Your experience is your own.  It doesn't need to be 'normalized'.  

• We don't say, "I know what your problem is, so I know what you should do...."  We're not here to diagnose, advise, or judge your experience.

We do try to share what we've learned on our own personal journeys - so that you can "take what is best and leave the rest."

NOTE: we usually gather in the back of the cafe on the black couches. If no moderator is present there is a meeting outline that is located on the bookshelf. It says "ACoN" on the top.