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This meet up is for Coed adult Soccer.

Guidelines: By requesting membership and taking part in this group activity, you hereby are agreeing to the rules and regulations of this meet up. In addition, you acknowledge you are playing at your own risk. No members of the leadership team for this meet up (organizers, or hosts) will be responsible for any injuries or mishaps which can occur while partaking in the games. Be patient with players who may be less skilled than you are. HAVE FUN!!! IF YOU ARE TOO SERIOUS, THIS MAY NOT BE THE RIGHT GROUP FOR YOU!!!
We provide pinnies for the players to divide the team. These Pinnies are always cleaned. Some times we may need to change fields do to circumstance beyond our control like other trainings going on in town. The money we collect is to pay for Meet up company. Even when we don't schedule during the winter, we still need to pay them.

Please be conscientious not to cancel at the last minute. It is not fair for they guys on the waiting list that don't get to RSVP.

If you RSVP and don't show up, it will be noted. We will give you a warning! if it continues, YOU will be out od this Meet up.

Don't be a coach. We are all here to have fun, so try to keep your commentary to yourself, unless its a compliment.

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