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Sharing Nonduality
An invitation to all those who have had "awakening" experiences and would like to clarify their seeing. Many times it happens that we can have a powerful experience of "awakening," but gradually, through old habits and conditioning, the crispness of seeing fades. This Meetup is created to anchor in the clear seeing through Satsang, nondual videos, popular nondual texts and meditation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences with other nondual "enthusiasts". Please RSVP by telephone:[masked] by 10pm Saturday night. NOTE: Online RSVP's are not honored.

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What we're about

Advaita Austin is about sharing the teachings of nonduality, which has become best known in the West through the nondual spiritual teachings of the revered Indian saint, Ramana Maharshi. He taught that self-realization, or the realization of the oneness of who we are, is not some distant goal that only a few can attain.

Any person who is searching for Awakening, who has Awakened, or who wants to find out more about what Awakening is, is welcome. The benefit of joining is to be in the "company of Truth" which is paramount to strengthening one's own recognition of our true Self, pure Awareness.

Satsang videos, guided meditations, nondual books and offerings of various nondual teachers, will be shared freely. Questions are welcome and encouraged. Any and all tools available to assist in Self Realization can be used here.

Members can expect to be fully supported in their journey within. The focus here is on Awakening and living in the world as Awakened beings.

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