Explainable AI – Opening the Black Box of Machine Learning Models

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QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design to improve performance outcomes for organisations. For the first time in Perth, we are excited to share our experiences with the data science community at our inaugural Meetup!

For this first Meetup, we’ve challenged ourselves to find a topic that strikes the balance between the ‘new’ and the ‘impactful’ and we’ve honed in on the theme of black boxes. Most machine learning models are black boxes but that doesn’t make it easy for us to build the necessary trust and transparency businesses need to grow to the next level.
In this meetup, we’ll show you how to lift the lid on these black boxes and make your models more actionable and trustworthy with Explainable AI! We’ll share practical methods that we use and how we apply them in our day to day work. We'll show you how we use global and local explainable models on the examples of LIME and SHAP.

This is one that’s not to be missed if you’re keen to find out more about Explainable AI – please RSVP! All drinks and food will be provided.

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