What we're about

Trying the best Asian and unique restaurants in town. 
If you don't intend to participate in the group please do not join, if you are inactive for more than a month I will remove people, this group is for people that actually want to participate that is why its meet up.
Whether its Thai, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese we will try all the best of the best places to eat!
Other events might include some karaoke, bars and events. This group is geared towards working professionals since most of the events will be at night or on the weekend.
you do not have to be Asian, just love Asian food and culture.
Some events will include Korean BBQ, Dimsum, Sushi and Indian Food. Get ready to make your mouth water:-)
2 No shows policy as long as you post or let me know that is fine but for any wait listed events prior rsvp is a must so you dont take a spot that someone else could have taken. 
If you havent been active in 1 month you might also be removed just because I would like people in the group that want to participate.

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Sushi on Conveyor belt

Needs a location

Kaiten-sushi is a fast-food style of sushi from Japan, where plates of sushi revolve around the restaurant on a conveyer belt. Called “kaiten-zushi” in Japanese, the name literally means “rotating sushi”. This is different from conventional sushi restaurants, where customers usually sit at the counter across from the staff and order their sushi directly. It was first invented so that sushi restaurants could serve more customers quickly with fewer servers.

You can order and pay separately for yourself. Or if you are interested in sharing and try different types of sushi, some of us can share, pay together and split the bill equally. Please bring 20-30$ in cash if you prefer to share

Lunch @ Indian Delhi Palace

Needs a location

this place has one of the best indian buffets, parking is a little challenging but worth the find,

you can do menu or the buffet

Jin Shabu Lunch

Needs a location

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Persian Room lunch

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