What we're about

Hi folks ! You have an advanced level in English but feel somehow rather limited in terms of vocabulary ? Let's meet and tackle this issue together ! We'll proceed by theme through games, text analysis and videos.

(Please do take the time to read the description below before applying to join this group)


What this group is not:

- This group is not an English class: no course will be given. I’m not a teacher and I don’t pretend to be so.
- This group is not meant to help you to become "fluent" in English: English should not be a problem to all the attendees when it comes to daily conversation. Besides, if it’s absolutely impossible for you to watch a movie in English without subtitles, read a book in English or have a conversation with a native speaker, I fear I have to say this group might not be the right one for you.
- This group is not designed specifically for french people. Everything will be handled in English, no translation will be provided during the sessions. Attendees should be able to understand new vocabulary with its given definition, the context or a few examples. Members should exchange with each other exclusively in English.


What this group is:

- This group is a study group, everyone should be eager to contribute to the group and help each other with a kind and positive attitude. We’re all here to learn and no one is here to judge anyone.
- This group is meant to help you to learn new vocabulary in specific fields in order to express yourself in a more accurate way and convey your ideas really as you would like them to be expressed (vs approximately or blandly).
- I will provide you some road-maps and highly structured English sessions to help the group to work collaboratively and cover exhaustively the vocabulary of the specific topic that will be chosen prior to each meeting. During the study sessions, phrasal verbs and AWL vocabulary will probably be reviewed as those appear to me as constituting significant milestones on the road to English mastery.
- The values of this group are - among others - : enthusiasm, harmony, curiosity, kindness and excellence. If you feel in line with those values you are very much welcome to the group! ;-)

The content of the sessions and their organization will probably change over time as I will do my best to take your feedback into account.


Two kinds of events will be organized via this Meetup (feel welcome to suggest any idea if you have some):

- Intensive advanced English sessions: very academic gathering where the focus will be essentially stressed on vocabulary and learning games.

- Outdoor events (theater, cinema, cultural events ...)

So let's improve our English together ! :-)


A few references:

AWL: http://www.uefap.com/vocab/select/awl.htm

Phrasal verbs: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/phrasals.htm

Some idioms: https://www.ef.com/english-resources/english-idioms/

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#9 - Intensive advanced vocabulary session: Speaking & Speech

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#8 - Intensive advanced English session - Speaking & Speech

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#6 - Intensive advanced English session - The Job Market

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