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Participating in the Toastmasters Educational program helped me become a better speaker and leader! Wouldn't you like to be able to say the same? Toastmasters has helped thousands of people worldwide to get over their fear of public speaking. Polish a presenter's delivery or enhancing leadership skills!

We want to you attend at least ONE of our meetings! We express the value and the benefits Toastmasters delivers in most of our messages. Here is a member of Toastmasters offering why she found Toastmasters a vital part of her life.


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One thing I want you to remember; from the first day you start your dream job the following cycle should begin: Learn, Grow and Promote! It doesn’t even have to be your dream job. Use this system along with your gut instinct, so people can see your worth, you are getting better raises, be asked by your boss to take on special projects. In your current position you are learning and growing! About long term education; you can never learn enough! Promote yourself by talking candidly with your boss (and anyone else who will listen) about where you want to be in the near future, and that you need your boss’ help to reach your goal. Everything you have read above is all about communicating. If you cannot articulate well, learning, growing, and promoting yourself just became a lot harder. There is an International education organization that provides a non-threating environment which sets the stage for rapid growth. A group of like-minded professionals working together helping each other reach their goals. At your disposal, you will use a sophisticated 21st-century educational system that is designed to work at your pace. The opportunity to learn how to learn, grow and to promote yourself is now available to you! Come visit us during our free no-obligation weekly meetings! Witness what happens during one of our empowering meetings! Please go to the 12th floor to be escorted to our meeting room! To reserve a seat, receive location, date and time information, please click on the following link: http://bit.ly/ART-Eventbrite,

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