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Spark and Deep Learning Experts digging deep into the internals of KubeFlow, Spark Core, Spark SQL, DataFrames, Spark Streaming, MLlib, Spark ML, MLflow, Graph X, BlinkDB, TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, OpenDeep, DeepLearning4J, etc.

Deeper than a blog post or typical meetup, we'll explore and discuss the best practices and idioms of the code base across many areas including Spark's JVM Bytecode Generation, CPU-cache-aware Data Structures and Algorithms, Approximations, Probabilistic Data Structures, Shuffle and I/O Optimizations, Streaming Micro-batch Scheduling, Performance Tuning, Configuration, Monitoring, Auto-Scaling, etc.

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[FREE] Hands-on Workshop: Image Recognition Using PyTorch, TensorFlow and Redis

DESCRIPTION: In this talk, you will learn how to use, or create Deep Learning architectures for Image Recognition and other neural network computations in PyTorch. Alex Kalinin will begin with an introduction to Deep Learning using PyTorch. He will explain and demonstrate how image recognition works using step by step diagrams, and code which will give you a fundamental understanding of how you can perform image recognition tasks within PyTorch. Then, he will give a quick overview of how to perform image recognition on a much larger dataset. As an attendee in this session, you will learn how to run the demos on your laptop, on your own cluster, or use the PyTorch and Redis containers. Either way, you walk away with a much better understanding of how to run deep learning workloads using PyTorch and Redis. SPEAKERS: Alex Kalinin, Engineering Lead, AI/Machine Learning, AdTech Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/alexkalinin/ Chris Fregly, Founder and CEO, PipelineAI, a Real-Time Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Startup based in San Francisco. Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/cfregly/ Dave Nielsen, Head of Community & Ecosystem Programs at Redis Labs LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/dnielsen/ VENUE CHANGED (just down the road): Hacker Dojo 3350 Thomas Road #150 Santa Clara, CA 95054

[10% OFF] Zero to Deep Learning 5 day Bootcamp - San Francisco

San Francisco State University

Get tickets at: bootcamp.zerotodeeplearning.com 10% discount code: SPARK10OFF Zero to Deep Learning Bootcamp A 5 day full time training that brings you from Zero to Deep Learning® with Keras and Tensorflow 2.0. !!!All code updated to Tensorflow 2.0!!! 5 full days of Knowledge and Skill You’ll get versed in Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These are the elements that come together to make driverless cars, to recognize faces, to market products, and to drive big decisions from big data. Why Zero to Deep Learning? If you need to learn the foundations of Machine Learning and Deep Learning comprehensively and quickly, our 5-day Bootcamp is for you. It balances breadth and depth, and delivers you an immersive full-time introduction to cutting-edge ML and DL techniques using Python, Keras and Tensorflow. Who should attend? Software Engineers, Software Engineering Managers, and Data Analysts seeking to upskill in Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Machine Learning with Scikit: • Recognize where to use ML • Select best techniques • Manipulate data with Pandas • Visualize data with Matplotlib • Solve regressions & classifications • Evaluate model performance • Serve models with Flask & Heroku Deep Learning with Keras: • Understand DL fundamentals • Build Fully Connected Neural Networks • Train Convolutional Neural Networks • Design Recurrent Neural Networks • Discover Embeddings • Leverage Dropout & Batch Norm • Use GPUs to train faster Deep Learning with Tensorflow: • Discover why TensorFlow is popular • Turn Keras models into Estimators • Debug models with Eager Execution • Scale to large dataset with Data API • Learn about Core API • Tune performance with Tensorboard • Deploy models using cloud services You will Build: • Predict the price of a house • Detect language of a text • Recognize an object in an image • Classify the sentiment in a sentence • Forecast future energy consumption • Deploy an API that predicts phone location from wifi signal Why attend this Bootcamp • To quickly develop your practical skills in Machine and Deep Learning • You’re stuck with online training and want to develop your practical skills • 5 dedicated days to focus on learning ML and DL • You work in a company where ML and DL is becoming increasingly important, and you need to develop a relevant skill set • You are working in a project, or have an upcoming project which requires ML and DL skills • You are a manager and need a robust understanding of ML and DL to manage your team • Want to access new career opportunities or promotions Lead Instructor Francesco is the author of the Zero to Deep Learning book and founder of Catalit Data Science. He works at the cutting edge of Machine and Deep Learning training. Clients include both startups and Fortune 500s. His experience includes: • Lead Data Science instructor at General Assembly and The Data Incubator • Trainer at conferences including Pybay, ODSC, TDWI, AINext • Chief Data Officer and co-founder at Spire, a YC company that invented the first wearable device tracking breathing • Joint PhD in biophysics at University of Padua and Université de Paris VI What is included in the price? • 5-days in-person training led by Francesco Mosconi, expert ML and DL trainer • Customized hands-on labs developed to maximize your learning • Ability to download your labs at the end of the training • Access to a cloud GPU during the training and for 2-weeks afterwards • Expert advisory on your project between 5-6pm Mon-Thurs of the Bootcamp • Self-directed pre-work program to develop your Python skills (if required) • Live Slack support during the Bootcamp • Membership of the Zero to Deep Learning Slack and Facebook community • One copy of the Zero to Deep Learning book • Breakfast, lunch, all-day refreshments • A really fun 5-days! Prerequisites: 1 year of experience in Python Get tickets at: bootcamp.zerotodeeplearning.com 10% discount code: SPARK10OFF

KubeFlow +Keras/TensorFlow 2.0 +TF Extended (TFX) +Kubernetes +Airflow +Jupyter

Online Workshop - See Details Below

Title Hands-on Learning with KubeFlow + Keras/TensorFlow 2.0 + TF Extended (TFX) + Kubernetes + Airflow + Jupyter RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/full-day-workshop-kubeflow-kerastensorflow-20-tf-extended-tfx-kubernetes-airflow-jupyter-tickets-62027635327 Description In this workshop, we build real-world machine learning pipelines using TensorFlow Extended (TFX), KubeFlow, and Airflow. Described in the 2017 paper, TFX is used internally by thousands of Google data scientists and engineers across every major product line within Google. KubeFlow is a modern, end-to-end pipeline orchestration framework that embraces the latest AI best practices including hyper-parameter tuning, distributed model training, and model tracking. Airflow is the most-widely used pipeline orchestration framework in machine learning. Pre-requisites Modern browser - and that's it! Every attendee will receive a cloud instance Nothing will be installed on your local laptop Everything can be downloaded at the end of the workshop Agenda 1. Create a Kubernetes cluster 2. Install KubeFlow, Airflow, TFX, and Jupyter 3. Setup ML Training Pipelines with KubeFlow and Airflow 4. Transform Data with TFX Transform 5. Validate Training Data with TFX Data Validation 6. Train Models with Jupyter, Keras, and TensorFlow 2.0 7. Run a Notebook Directly on Kubernetes Cluster with KubeFlow Fairing 8. Analyze Models using TFX Model Analysis and Jupyter 9. Perform Hyper-Parameter Tuning with KubeFlow and Katib 10. Select the Best Model using KubeFlow Experiment Tracking 11. Reproduce Model Training with TFX Metadata Store 12. Deploy the Model to Production with TensorFlow Serving and Istio 13. Save and Download your Workspace Key Takeaways Attendees will gain experience training, analyzing, and serving real-world Keras/TensorFlow 2.0 models in production using modern frameworks and open-source tools. RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/full-day-workshop-kubeflow-kerastensorflow-20-tf-extended-tfx-kubernetes-airflow-jupyter-tickets-62027635327

PipelineAI, KubeFlow, TFX, GPU/TPU, Spark, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Kafka, Scikit

Online Workshop - See Details Below

Title [1 hr Free Workshop] PipelineAI, KubeFlow, TensorFlow Extended (TFX), Airflow, GPU, TPU, Spark ML, TensorFlow AI, Kubernetes, Kafka, Scikit Agenda Hands-on Learning with PipelineAI using KubeFlow, TFX, TensorFlow, GPU/TPU, Kafka, Scikit-Learn and JupyterLab running on Kubernetes. Date/Time 9-10am US Pacific Time (Third Monday of Every Month) ** RSVP & LOGIN HERE ** Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1-hr-free-workshop-pipelineai-gpu-tpu-spark-ml-tensorflow-ai-kubernetes-kafka-scikit-tickets-45852865154 Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Advanced-Spark-and-TensorFlow-Meetup/ Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/690414331 Webinar ID:[masked] Phone: [masked] (US Toll) or [masked] (US Toll) Related Links PipelineAI Home: https://pipeline.ai PipelineAI Community Edition: https://community.pipeline.ai PipelineAI GitHub: https://github.com/PipelineAI/pipeline PipelineAI Quick Start: https://quickstart.pipeline.ai Advanced Spark and TensorFlow Meetup (SF-based, Global Reach): https://www.meetup.com/Advanced-Spark-and-TensorFlow-Meetup YouTube Videos: https://youtube.pipeline.ai SlideShare Presentations: https://slideshare.pipeline.ai Slack Support: https://joinslack.pipeline.ai Web Support and Knowledge Base: https://support.pipeline.ai Email Support: [masked]

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