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At AI Frontiers Conference, we invite pioneers and leaders in AI to share their insights on the frontier topics. Each of our speakers are legendary in their own sake. Today I want to introduce 2 speakers (we will introduce more in the coming weeks), one is Pieter Abbeel, the famous robotics professor at UC Berkeley, and the other is Ilya Sutskever, the founder of OpenAI that is at forefront of deep learning research and development.

Below are the stories about them, where you will see how to build a household robot with Pieter Abbeel: Why is reinforcement learning so important in building a robot? What is meta learning? Pieter’s story is deeply inspiring. You will learn about our keynote speaker Ilya Sutskever, his journey from a Ph.D. student in Geoffrey Hinton’s group inventing AlexNet, to his role in AlphaGo and Tensorflow, and a chance meeting with Elon Musk which led to founding openAI. I hope you enjoy the reading below.

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How to Build a Household Robot: Pieter Abbeel's Story

Pieter Abbeel is on a quest. He wants to make a robot that can cook, clean up the room, make the bed, take out the trash, and fold the laundry.

The UC Berkey Professor started this quest since he was a graduate student in Andrew Ng’s group at Stanford University back in 2002. At that time, there was no robot for him to play with. He started with self-driving cars and helicopters. In 2004, Abbeel published the paper Apprenticeship Learning via Inverse Reinforcement Learning. He proposed a new approach to train robots by observing an expert performing a task. He showed the feasibility of this approach in a simulation of self-driving cars...

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The Journey to Founding OpenAI: Ilya Sutskever’s Story

The speaker on the stage talked slowly and clearly. All the AI jargons became simple, weaved together in one beautiful framework. People who know him would not be surprised as he is the one behind some of those jargons. But it is a surprise for many people that he is also leading a billon-dollar nonprofit organization, whose mission is preparing humanity for the unavoidable proliferation of AI. Ilya Sutskever, who founded and still leads OpenAI, wants to open up AI technology to everyone and ensure that it is safe for the foreseeable future.

Ilya Sutskever arrived at this role from a long journey. Sixteen years ago when he went to University of Toronto as an undergraduate student, he knew little about AI, though he was fascinated by computers. At U of Toronto he met Geoffrey Hinton...

AI Frontiers Conference is bringing the most influential voice of AI together, to share their insights on the next AI frontiers. This year, we cover the newest topics such as AutoML (automated machine learning), video understanding, natural language understanding, deep reinforcement learning, robotics, drones, and more.

Conference News: Udacity is going to offer “Natural language Processing for beginners” training in our conference. The training content has been posted. This is going to be an hands-on class where you will learn everything related to NLP.

Tickets are limited. You can use this code p25new2 for 25% discount. This code will expire in one week. Please visit to sign up.

I look forward to seeing you in our conference.

Junling Hu
Chair, AI Frontiers Conference