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Welcome to the advancing Photographers Meetup Group!

Myself and other Master photographers located in the Minneapolis area decided we were tired of photographers not sharing knowledge and secrets with each other due to the backwards thinking of being afraid it would steal their business. We decided the best solution to correct this false way of thinking was to share our first hand knowledge via a meet up group of fantastic individuals who want to learn more. Join us in our journey!

As we grow in size more opportunities will be offered, so tell your friends about us and we can get the ball rolling on events such as:

• Photo Talks from Master Photographers
• Wedding Photography 101
• Monthly On-line photo challenges
• Photography Basics
• How to turn your photos into money.
• Group Events
• Photo Critique to help you not hinder
• On-line resources and educational material And much more!

Join in, ask questions, submit photos to inspire and create exciting meetings and ultimately change the way people think about sharing knowledge freely.

We call this group ADVANCING photographers because like ourselves, we are ALWAYS looking to improve what we do, and challenge ourselves in new and exciting ways. Each of our meetings will build on the previous, and our classes fit a wide variety photographers.

With things the way they are currently in the world we understand money is tight so we try to keep as much as we can free and the cost of classes as low as possible we do have some amazing sponsors who support us so check them out and let them know their money is well spent!

We hope you will join us on our journey to being better photographers and ultimately enrich our lives to be, and create, better people!

Past events (70)

Photography 101: ISO (3 of 3)

Lakewood Cemetery

Photography 101: Shutter Speed (2 of 3)

Lake Calhoun. south shore parking

Photography 101: Aperture (1 of 3)

Lake Harriet Rose Garden

Photography 101: ISO (3 of 3)

Lakewood Cemetery


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