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Photography 102 Series - Part 2: Bokeh

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Preston P. and Nick K.


Photography 102 Series - Part 2: Bokeh

For the second session in the Photography 102 series, we are going to learn all about Bokeh, including:


• What is heck is Bokeh?
• How your aperture's diameter effects Bokeh
• Tips and tricks on implementing Bokeh into your work
• How to choosing the correct aperture to achieve a specific Bokeh effect and make your subject look amazing!


A lens with a FAST aperture. Look at your lens, you will see a f/xx-xx somewhere on it. The SMALLER that number, the better for this class. Typically lenses f/2.8 or faster will be best for this.

Once again, we will have models available for you to work with at the site.

Learn the limits of the camera you own and how they can make or break your photos.

Pros: This is the perfect opportunity to play with settings you'd be terrified to use while you're on the clock, being paid for an event!!

This is part three of a three-part series called Photography 102 led by Preston Palmer. Photographers who participate in all three classes in the series will be given a 20% discount on one ticket to any paid event listed on (

**NOTE: $10 instead of the normal $5.00 as we are paying models to be with us.

4125 Roseway Rd · Minneapolis, MN
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