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Take your business to the next level! Learn Lightroom Editing Software! (Basic)

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What are we doing:
We are taking your photos and business to the next level! Come join our Adobe Lightroom class! Lightroom is a tool created specifically for photographers and understanding it will increase the quality of your images and drastically speed up your workflow. As an advancing photographer, you need to know this!

Lightroom is complex, but this 6 hour workshop will walk you through the software's important functions step by step.

What you will learn:
SO MUCH. Hold on tight for this list of skills you will gain. 1. File Management

  • Take your photos from memory card to folders
  • Creation of a catalog
  • The best ways to stay organized
  • Inbeding metadata to your art, so no one can teal your work!
  • Keywording so you can find things later
  • Naming your files2. Library Module- Flagging
  • Rating
  • Culling
  • Quick collection
  • Views (grid, compare, loupe)3. Develop- WB
  • Temperature
  • Presets
  • Lens correction
  • Copying and syncing edits
  • A cheat cheet of shortcuts to save major time 4. Book Module- Add & subtract pages
  • Bleeding images
  • Paper type, size, cover
  • Text
  • Sending to blurb
  • Exporting and saving

What to bring:
-Computer with Lightroom software already downloaded
-16GB flashdrive or hard drive
-A notebook

The Wellstone Center in Saint Paul. The class will take place in the Securian Meeting Room (Room 207)!

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Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
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