Art Series : Trash the Dress with one of Brovado's brides (4 of 4)

Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
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What we are doing:

We are Trashing a Dress!
-This event will be fun, creative, and fast pace.
-We are encouraging you to bring 1 lens and work the angles with that one lens.
-You are expected to make our Bride look beautiful while capturing her trashing her dress in the most creative way you can.

What you will learn:

-You will learn how to work in a fast pace environment
-You will learn how to get the shot!
-You will learn how to capture the action while making a Bride look her best.
-You will learn how to direct in a chaotic situation.

What to bring:

- A fast zoom lens [masked]mm or similar)
- A good attitude and creative mind
- A tripod

Meet at Hidden Beach on Cedar Lake.

Photographers who participate in all 4 art classes in this series will be given free admission to the Critique Night on August 8th.