Art Series : Light Painting with Fire (3 of 4)

Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
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What we are doing:
- At this point you should know that photography and light go hand in hand. We will be playing with a rather different form of light at this meetup, we will be playing with FIRE.
- This event will be at night. The darker it is the better the picture will turn out.
- We will providing the gear to make the magic, you just focus on taking the best picture you can.
- We will be shooting in small groups so that you have the opportunity to get the angle you really want without having someone else in your way.

What you will learn:

-You will learn to get low, and move yourself around to find the best possible angle.
-You will learn the importance of being able to control your shutter speed
-You will work on your ability to focus in the dark.
-You will learn about capturing light in the darkness.

What to bring:

- You will want to bring a wide angle lens.
- A lens with a large aperture (ex. [masked])
- A good attitude and creative mind.
- A tripod

Meet us at the old Abandoned ConAgra plant near the corner of Thomas Ave N and Glenwood Ave in MPLS.

Photographers who participate in all 4 art classes in this series will be given free admission to the Critique Night on August 8th.