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Photography 101 (2 of 4) : Shutter Speed

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Brookklyn P.


What will we be doing:

- If you can successfully use aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, you are on your way to having perfect exposure triangle. If you can master shutter speed, you can stop moments in time. This is the second of three meetups that will breakdown the fundamentals of each key photography skill.
- You will be given a small "assignment" to help you explore the effects of a slow and fast shutter speed. Optional submission, if you submit, we will critique it for you!

What will you learn:
- Shutter speed is the amount of time your shutter is open, it is measured in seconds, the bigger the denominator the faster the speed
- How to find your shutter speed on your camera (where it is located)
- Shutter priority mode
- How to isolate your shutter speed to clearly freeze movement
- Hot to slow down shutter to get a blured or soft effect.

What should you bring:
- A wide angle lens
- A good attitude and creative mind
- A tripod


We will meet on the Midtown Greenway. Park on Lyndale in uptown near Kyoto Sushi and take the stairs down to the Greenway.

Photographers who participate in all 4 basics classes in this series will be given free admission to the Critique Night on August 8th.
Midtown Greenway
Midtown Greenway · Minneapolis, MN
How to find us

Call 219-213-3399 if lost.

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