Technical Series (2 of 4): Demonstration, Lighting a Model

Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
Advancing Photographers Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
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What are we doing:

You will be watching Preston go through a demonstration of how he would properly light his client using off-camera flash. This is an advanced class, knowing how to utilize off-camera flash can take your photography to next level quality.

What will you learn:

- How to light someone to make them look like they are not "lit" (natural)
- Quick menu run through of Canon flashes
- How to control off-camera flashes from your camera (syncing)
- How to direct and communicate with your model during this process

What to bring:
- This will primarly be a demonstation and Q&A. We will likely not have time for each of you to setup and use flashes on the model. Feel free to bring your gear and play along.
- A notebook and something to take notes with
- Questions about off-camera flash
- A good attitude and creative mind

We will be gathering in the parking lot of B.F. Nelson Park.

Photographers who participate in all 4 technical classes in this series will be given free admission to the Critique Night on August 8th.