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We create and participate in immersive live experiences in physical environments. If you’re interested in this growing craft that blends fiction and reality with a mix of games, high-tech and low-tech, tours, puzzle hunts, and participatory theater, join us! We feature monthly speakers who have created amazing experiences, and host a fun happy hour for mingling and chatting before and after the talks and QA.

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Benjamin Wachs on what community designers can (and cant) learn from Burning Man

Join us for a conversation with the always-captivating Benjamin Wachs, a.k.a. Caveat Magister, on what community designers can learn from Burning Man. Benjamin will speak about his experience working in Burning Man's Philosophical Center as well as key lessons from his new book, "The Scene That Became Cities: What Burning Man Philosophy Can Teach Us about Building Better Communities".

Conversation with Erstwhile Philatelic Society

3264 Mission St

The Erstwhile Philatelic Society is an art collective that focuses on the drive to achieve Philatelicism (“[...] the study of the study of stamp collecting, collectors, and collections”): an amorphous mish-mash of public space reinterpretation, street art/environmental installation, publications, machine-augmented concerns, and philately. Join us for a conversation about the history & future of this group, and lessons from a decade of designing for public spaces.

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