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Adventure and Survival Skills For Everyone!

This group is for the weekend backpacker, prepper survivalist, the adventure sailor or the rescue scuba diver. The beginner skill sessions, except for scuba, sailing and Red Cross courses are taken right out of the scout manual. The reference and notes for each session is given for you to study.

I am hoping that as we advance as a group, we can create scenarios that use advanced skills and also activities suitable for disabled populations.

We are also looking for people to assist with our disabled scout program. Disabled scouts will be attending some of our meetings.

If you need community service hours, for work, school or that judge who didn't understand why you went 140 in a 65, this group is the function of a nonprofit and I can sign off on hours. I will not count your training or experience time but I will count your time helping, assisting or teaching skills. Contact me info@atlantavolunteers.org.

We have two types of meetings. The first is the development of basic skills. The second part is modern innovations and advanced training. This includes lifeguarding, scuba, sailing and USCG Captain.

To master the basic skills of the first type we teach badges from the scouts for Backpacking, Camping, Emergency preparedness, First Aid, Lifesaving, Orienteering, Search and Rescue, Wilderness survival and Weather Prediction.

The second part involves advanced training and adding modern innovations that you might find in your “Bug Out” bag. These include things like small reverse osmosis water makers, small electrical generators for electronics, MRE’s, space blanket tents and more. Another example of advanced training would be obtaining Red Cross lifeguarding certification (we teach Red Cross Courses) or scuba and sailing to advanced, rescue and other bareboat levels. Advanced training is by request.

We meet on the second and fourth Saturday at 2 pm in Forsyth County. The location is decided by the skill being taught. Send an email to alan@theabilityrevolution.com if you plan to attend.

This meeting is hosted by the disabled scouts of Pack 114 and the nonprofit Forsyth Area Sports Teams, Inc. which is known by the Atlanta Volunteers.

We limit meetings in the pool to 10 people.

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