Perseid Meteor Shower Stargaze and Campout

Adventure Seekers of OKC
Adventure Seekers of OKC
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Join us on private property near Chandler for our annual stargaze event! The peak night for the Perseids this year is August 12-13, so Saturday night should offer some good viewing as well. In years past, we have spread tarps on the ground and then put our sleeping bags/pillows on top. Reclining chairs also work well. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable for a night of stargazing. Bug spray and flashlights are highly recommended. There are pygmy rattlesnakes in the area and one decided to be a guest at our stargaze a few years ago, so please look before you step!

A couple of things outside our and the moon. If it turns out to be a rainy or excessively cloudy night, we may cancel or switch to another night. The moon will be nearly full and won't set until 3:12 am approximately, so the best (darkest) stargazing will be between 3 am to sunrise. It's not ideal, but we will work with the conditions we have :)

If you RSVP, you are accepting total liability for yourself and will not hold any organizer/host, group member, or the landowners liable for any harm which may result during this outing. This also applies to any guests you may bring.

Come join us as we take in the awe and wonder of the nighttime sky. If you have any questions, feel free to post in comments. Thanks!