What we're about

Are you looking for adventures? Do you want to explore the great city we live in and hear the sounds of the beautiful countryside beyond by hiking, cycling or other adventure sports? Are you interested in meeting new people, helping build communities, and raising environmental awareness? I have set this group up with the aim of achieve some or all of these things.

Vision and purpose of the group \

- To create adventures where people can explore local and further afield places through activities such as cycling and hiking. 
- To build and develop a community of people both local and global and develop connections with other people and groups with similar interests and values. 
- To help raise awareness of environmental issues and have a positive impact on the environment through our events and support other environmental charities through fundraising through our events.

Why Adventure Tracks?
Adventure Events
The adventure events create an opportunity for people to explore the city and countryside and learn about the places we visit. This will also help improve the physical and mental health of participants through the benefits of physical exercise and fresh air. These adventures are usually paid for events. Please see below for reasons why we charge for these events.

Social and Community Events.
These events are often in the local area to where we are based (Battersea and South West London. By meeting new people we can provide the opportunity to build new social networks and also make new friends. 
We work in partnership with other groups with similar aims and values. These events are usually free events.

The Environment
We keep group sizes small (maximum 12 participants) to minimise the impact on the environment and to facilitate good group management
We also proactively help the environment through activities such as litter collecting during our events and running events to raise awareness of environmental issues. All of our events are also accessible by public transport so we can keep our Carbon Footprint low. We encourage people to use public transport wherever possible, however if using your own car is the best or easiest option to get to an event then that is also fine. We also hope that we can inspire to learn more about the areas we visit such as local culture, history and environment by generating discussions during our events. 

Partnerships and Collaborations.
We work with a number of other groups and also support some charities through our events.
We have partnered with SPEAK London to host events such as online quizzes.
SPEAK - London Language and Culture Exchange (London, United Kingdom) | Meetup
We also plan to partner with BELONG London to create more social and community events. Belong London (London, United Kingdom) | Meetup

Charitable Partnerships
We are also an official supporter for the charity SUSTRANS www.sustrans.org.uk and support the work of the organisation in the following ways. If we hike or cycle along part of the National Cycle Network then we will pledge 5% of any proceeds to the charity as a donation and a way of saying thanks. We will also organise specific fundraising events to help raise money and promote the work of SUSTRANS. See the events page for more information.

If you run a group and are interested in collaborations then pls send me a direct message.

The Grading System

We have graded our hikes and bike rides like ski runs with green through to black routes.
For more info on the hikes please see the link below.

For more info on the cycling events please follow this link.

Social Media
Please follow us on Facebook at;
Adventure Tracks | Facebook

Why Charge? \

We do charge for some of our events to help cover our costs. Here are some reasons for this;
- When you come along to one of our events you wont need to worry about planning a route, navigating or any safety issues along the way.
- I'm a qualified Summer Mountain Leader (Hiking Leader), Cycle Coach and Leader and First Aider with over 10 years of experience of leading groups in the outdoors through different outdoor and adventurous activities. I work to keep my qualifications refreshed and up to date.
- I pay to be a member of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) which provides the group and events with professional indemnity insurance
- I will always take the time to recce and research the events in advance if taking a group to an area for the first time
- To help cover the cost of the meetup.com fees for running the group.

So join up if you're interested and look out for our new adventures. I will be doing trips to cater for all or different ability levels, so just check out the event details!
All ability levels and suggestions welcome :)

Hope to see you at event soon! \




Upcoming events (3)

Adventure Quiz and Social.

Online event

Come and join us for our monthly online Fun Adventure Quiz and Social.
Video link to follow closer to the date.
This quiz this time will be hosted by Mia..

This is a great way to meet new people or catch up with friends and test your knowledge on topics such as culture, history and geography as well as practising your English if this is not your first language.

There will be a prize for the winner for a free event with either Adventure Tracks.

This is a free event and we support and fundraise for SUSTRANS.
It would be great if you could leave a small donation using the link below

For more info on the work of SUSTRANS please follow this link to their website;

Hills and Woods of South London

East Croydon


Event - Day Hike.
Come and join us for a great days hike which takes in some fine countryside close to London. This walks starts at East Croydon Station and soon leaves the city behind as we head out to the outer sections of the borough and explore several woodlands and enjoy one of the best views of London at Addington Hill.
This hike is graded a "green piste hike" suitable for beginners or anyone who fancies building up their fitness for longer hikes.

Distance; 12km/ 8 miles
Pace ; 2-3 km per hour (approx)
Time ; 4 hours of walking time 5 hours total with breaks.
Ascent ; 50 metres
Terrain ; Easy ; some roads and woodland paths.

For more info on our grading system please follow the link below.

Meeting and Start point
10.30 at East Croydon Station

End Point
16.00 (approx) New Addington Tram Stop.

There is a possible extension loop of 4/5kms which we could do and will discuss on the day.

Sights along the way

Park Hill Recreation Ground
Lloyd Park
Addington Hill - Enjoy one of the greatest views of London.
Bramley Bank Nature Reserve
Littleheath Woods
Selsdon Woods - Some of London's best Woodlands.
Frith Wood
Frylands Wood
Hutchinson Bank - Famous for many species of moth, butterflies, orchids and rare grasses.

Suggested Kit List.
Face Mask - (public transport)
Hand Gel
Hiking Shoes/Trainers
Waterproof Jacket and trousers
Water bottle x2 litres of water recommended.

Please bring snacks and a packed lunch if you would like. If possible we may make a stop at a pub along route for some food as well and another stop towards the end of the hike.

I am a qualified Summer Mountain Leader and First Aider.
The group is set to a maximum of 12 people so easy to manage numbers safely.
Please respect social distancing and use hand gel regularly and bring a face mask for public transport.

Cost £5.00 - link for payment will be sent out 48hrs before the event.

London to Brighton - Cycle Ride - Fundraiser for SUSTRANS (Date still TBC)

I'm hoping to organise a day bike ride between London and Brighton next year to raise money for SUSTRANS. Date and details yet to be determined so I'm just getting a feeler at the moment for who might be interested. Please add your name to the attendance if this is something you are interested in doing.

Past events (34)

Christmas Online Quiz and Social

Online event

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